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Laser Dermatology

The use of Laser technology to treat Skin Conditions
  • Northbridge Medical Center introduces cutting-edge laser dermatology treatments, providing non-invasive and non-surgical solutions for a range of dermatological conditions
  • Explore the capabilities of our laser machines including the versatile Picosecond laser system Cutera ENLIGHTEN III and the advance Vascular laser system Cutera EXCEL V+
  • In anticipation of the forthcoming launch of our subsidiary clinic Skin & Medical Northbridge, we are excited to let our patients experience the highly effective treatments for a variety of dermatological concerns, and share the innovative approach to facial skin rejuvenation
  • At Northbridge Medical Centre, all the Laser Therapy procedures are done by Doctors and Nurse Practitioners.
  • We are currently offering exclusive 2024 specials featuring substantial discounts on treatment fees as part of our grand opening celebrations!

Laser Dermatology:

Since the advent of laser therapy for skin conditions in 1963, significant strides have been made in understanding the clinical response of skin to laser treatments. Today, we have access to more advanced and powerful lasers, enabling the effective treatment of a broader range of skin conditions.



Laser dermatology has revolutionised skincare, particularly in non-invasive approaches to facial and neck skin rejuvenation, managing acne and its complications, enhancing skin texture, and addressing facial pigmentation, rosacea, blood vessels, and redness. Whether you seek to restore lost skin tone and texture, achieve an anti-aging effect, or maintain your skin’s vitality, our non-invasive, downtime-free therapies are an excellent starting point. Contact us to embark on your personalised treatment journey.



How does Laser works on skin?

Laser therapy employs concentrated beams of light energy and heat to target specific depths of the skin, effectively addressing various skin conditions. The focused thermal energy, delivered through selective wavelengths, aims to minimise damage to surrounding tissues and enhance the precision of managing specific conditions. Ultimately, the outcome includes the stimulation of collagen production, promoting rejuvenation and contributing to improved skin health.



Importance of selecting the most effective Laser machine:

The choice of laser machines at Northbridge Medical Centre is crucial due to our commitment to embracing the latest advancements in laser dermatology. We prioritise two state-of-the-art machines, Excel V+ and Enlighten III, with a key consideration being the minimal downtime patients have to endure post-treatment. Opting for non-ablative lasers, these machines do not break the skin surface, ensuring no downtime, allowing most patients to resume their daily activities immediately after therapy. This choice is vital to enhance patient comfort and convenience while achieving effective dermatological results.



If you wish to find out the latest news and information about Excel V+ and Enlighten III, please refer to Cutera Australia Website and Cutera US Website.



What is the treatment experiences like?

At Northbridge Medical Centre, our laser dermatology treatments are designed to be efficient, typically lasting between 10 to 15 minutes. We prioritise patient comfort, offering non-invasive, non-abrasive, and non-surgical procedures with no downtime, ensuring a convenient experience.



Many patients find the treatments comfortable with minimal discomfort, and the use of topical anaesthetic gel is generally not required. Our approach caters to a diverse range of skin types and tones, accommodating all Fitzpatrick categories. The number of required treatments may vary based on individual needs, and we emphasise a minimal risk of complications, prioritising the safety and well-being of our patients.




What is Pico Genesis and Laser Genesis?

Pico Genesis and Laser Genesis treatments are often referred to as non-surgical and non-injectable facelifts. These procedures harness the power of advanced laser systems to achieve remarkable outcomes, including the rejuvenation of skin tone, resurfacing of skin texture, reduction of pigmentation, age spots, and sunspots, as well as the smoothing out and reversal of fine lines and wrinkles. The process involves continual collagen stimulation, resulting in a healthier, brighter, and smoother skin complexion. Experience the comprehensive improvement of skin tone, texture, and colour through these highly effective and powerful laser treatments.


Cutera Excel V + is renowned for its 1064nm Laser Genesis as a form of rejuvenating skin to original texture and tone. On the other hand, Cutera Enlighten III  is takes an entirely new approach with its 1064nm Pico Genesis and Pico Genesis FX treatment to stimulate continual natural collagen production and skin regeneration.




What are the potential downtime and side effects?

The duration of downtime can fluctuate among patients, contingent on factors such as the treated condition, the treatment area, and individual skin responses to laser therapy.

It’s important to note that serious side effects are exceptionally rare. Typically, patients may encounter slight redness and mild swelling in the treated skin, peaking around 24 to 48 hours and resolving within days.

In some instances, there might be a minimal risk of a histamine reaction, bruising, and, in extremely rare cases, blistering of the treated area.

What is the expected timeline for results?

The timeframe for noticeable results varies depending on individual responses and the specific condition being treated. For certain conditions, such as instant improvement or changes to the treated area, patients may observe immediate effects after just one session. However, for optimal resolution of many conditions, a series of up to three treatment sessions may be recommended.

What can I expect during my laser treatment sessions?

Before initiating laser therapy, a comprehensive consultation with our doctor is necessary for a precise diagnosis of your skin condition. This consultation also involves a thorough discussion of a individualised management plan, which may include a combination of medical and laser therapies.

Here is what you can anticipate during your treatment sessions:

 Protective Eyewear: You’ll be provided with protective eyewear to shield your eyes from the laser during the procedure.

 Topical Gel Application: Depending on the specific procedure, a cooling gel may be applied to the skin to enhance the effects of vascular treatment.

 Cooling Plate: Following each treatment, you may feel a cooling plate making contact with your skin, contributing to your comfort.

 Sensation During Treatment: Many patients find the treatment relatively comfortable, often describing it as a warm sensation akin to a gentle flick of a rubber band on the skin.

 Duration of Treatment: The length of the session typically ranges from 15 to 30 minutes, contingent on the type of condition being treated and the area of the skin involved.

 Post-Treatment: Occasionally, cold compresses may be recommended after the treatment for additional comfort.

Please note that your journey with us involves not just the laser therapy itself but a holistic approach to managing your skin condition.

What do I need to do before my laser treatment sessions?

Before your laser treatment sessions, please adhere to the following guidelines:

 Avoid Makeup and Sunscreen: On the day of the procedure, refrain from wearing makeup or sunscreen to ensure optimal treatment effectiveness.

 Sun Exposure Precautions: Minimise sun exposure significantly for at least 2 weeks leading up to your therapy session. This precaution helps enhance the safety and efficacy of the treatment.

 Informed Consent Form: Upon your arrival, you will be requested to complete an informed consent form. It is essential that you have previously undergone an initial consultation with our doctor or nurse practitioner at Northbridge Medical Centre. This consultation serves as an opportunity to address any questions or concerns you may have about the upcoming treatment. Feel free to discuss any aspects of the procedure during this time.

What can I expect after my laser treatment sessions?

 Expected Reactions: Anticipate redness, flushing, and mild swelling in the treated areas for 24 to 48 hours, typically resolving within a few days.

 Post-Treatment Cream: You may be advised to apply a specific type of cream after treatment to minimise side effects and enhance comfort. Additionally, you might be instructed to temporarily discontinue the use of certain creams you typically apply.

 Return to Sunscreen and Makeup: Usually, you can resume using sunscreen and wearing makeup the next day after treatment.

 Normal Activities: Return to your regular activities immediately without any downtime.

 Sun Exposure Precautions: It is crucial to avoid significant sun exposure for at least 2 weeks post-treatment to ensure optimal recovery and results.

Enlighten III - versatile Picosecond laser system:


ENLIGHTEN III, a revolutionary laser machine by CUTERA, stands as one of the most advanced and versatile platforms employing picosecond technology. Equipped with three ultra-precise wavelengths (532nm, 670nm, and 1064nm) and dual pulse durations (2ns and 660/750ps), ENLIGHTEN III demonstrates its capability to effectively target pigmentation-causing cells in the skin's epidermis and dermis.


The ultra-short picosecond laser pulses, a thousand times shorter than those used by conventional lasers, deliver heat energy to tissue layers more efficiently, ensuring faster, safer, and more comfortable treatments with minimal damage to surrounding tissues. This technology is ideal for pigmented lesions, including tattoo removal, with minimal recovery time and virtually no downtime for most therapies.


ENLIGHTEN III leads the way in managing pigmentation conditions, from simple lesions to challenging issues. Typically, four to six treatments are required for optimal results, with the number of sessions influenced by factors like tattoo colour, size, age, and the specific pigmentation concern being addressed.


ENLIGHTEN III employs the 1064nm Pico Genesis and Pico Genesis FX treatments to focus on regeneration, repair and rejuvenation by stimulating natural collage production and controlled wound healing. The targeted laser treatment disrupts skin cells, inducing an enhanced inflammatory healing response. This dual approach addresses pigmentation and texture issues simultaneously, promoting a more uniform skin tone and texture, reducing fine lines, pore size, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and scarring.


Versatile in its applications, ENLIGHTEN III treats over twenty dermatological and aesthetic conditions:

  • Pigmented lesions including Simple moles, Seborrheic Keratosis, Ephilides, Lentigo
  • Pigmented conditions including Melasma, Hori's Naevus
  • Rosacea, facial redness and facial tone rejuvenation
  • Acne induced Hyperpigmentation and Scarring
  • Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • Age spots and Sun spots
  • Pore size, fine lines and skin textures issues
  • Tattoo Removal
  • Pigmented lesion and age spots or age warts
  • Overall skin rejuvenation and brightening



For more information about ENLIGHTEN III

visit www.cutera.com/products/enlighten/



Book in your Laser Dermatology consultation today with

Dr Alex Koh 

The knowledgeable team at Northbridge Medical Centre are here for any questions about Laser Dermatology and condition that can be treated by using laser technology

Dr Alex Koh maintained a keen interest in the field of Laser dermatology and Acne management, Pigmented lesions and conditions

Simply contact us or all 08 9228 8339 to book in your consultation.



Excel V+ -advanced vascular laser system:


EXCEL V+ stands as the latest advancement in vascular laser systems, developed by CUTERA. This innovative technology utilises a high-powered green laser, and its three ultra-precise operating modes offer versatility in treating various skin conditions. The clinically proven wavelength of 532nm is adept at targeting abnormal blood vessels in the skin, eliminating them without causing harm to surrounding tissues. Additionally, the 1064nm wavelength extends treatment capabilities to address deeper vascular and pigmented lesions. Featuring an in-built sapphire cooling tip, the machine enhances patient comfort and safety by minimising post-treatment inflammation.


Notably, the EXCEL V+ 1064nm Laser Genesis is renowned for its ability to restore and rejuvenate the skin, reducing blemishes and promoting a healthy, refreshed appearance. This mode effectively addresses diffuse redness, acne, rosacea-related redness, fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation issues, requiring four to six sessions for optimal results.


EXCEL V+ excels in diminishing facial and neck blemishes associated with acne, rosacea, broken capillaries, age spots, and sunspots, making it more effective than other laser machines. Suitable for all skin tones and types, including darker skin tones, it manages chronic vascular skin conditions and various pigmentation-related concerns. The machine operates by delivering high-power energy to target abnormal blood vessels, causing their disintegration.


EXCEL V+ laser therapy sessions results are typically visible within a few days, and the number of required treatments varies based on lesion size, thickness, and colour. 


Versatile in its applications, EXCEL V+ treats over twenty dermatological and aesthetic conditions:

  • Acne flare ups, acne red scars, post acne skin rejuvenation
  • Rosacea, facial redness, Matting and facial tone rejuvenation
  • Facial Telangiectasia and spider veins
  • Poikiloderma or sun damaged skin
  • Cherry or Spider Angiomas and other vascular lesions
  • Leg superficial veins and spider veins
  • Pigmented lesion, Lentigines, Poikiloderma and age spots
  • Seborrheic lesions, Skin tags, Sebaceous Hyperplasia and Warts
  • Overall skin rejuvenation and brightening



For more information about EXCEL V+

visit www.cutera.com/products/excel-v-plus.



All Laser Dermatology Procedures are done by Doctors & Nurse Practitioner

Book in your Laser Dermatology consultation:

The knowledgeable team at Northbridge Medical Centre are here for any questions or concerns you may have about Laser Dermatology and condition that can treated.

Simply contact us or all 08 9228 8339 to book in your consultation.




Laser Dermatology consultation  and treatment fee:

All Laser Dermatology procedures are done by Doctors and Nurse Practitioners.


We are currently offering exclude 2024 specials featuring substantial discounts on treatment fees as part of our grand opening celebrations of Skin & Medical Northbridge.

Laser Dermatology Fees listed below are 2024 Special Discounted Fees:


Doctor consultation: $130

  • This is for the purpose of diagnosis of skin condition / skin lesion and skin check.
  • Treatment plan discussion (medical therapy / option of laser therapy / procedure)
  • Laser Therapy plan discussion (initial treatment, subsequent treatment, maintenance treatment)
  • Medicare rebate of $80.10 is available for patient


Single Lesion Laser Therapy  (Excel V+ or Enlighten III)

Dermatological conditions:

  • Pigmented Lesions/Seb Keratosis/Seb Hyperplasia/Cherry Angioma/Skin Tag

Medicare rebate may be available

Up to 3 lesions:

  • $150 (RRP $200) out of pocket after rebate during first sessions
  • $0 out of pocket after rebate during subsequent sessions to treat the same lesions

Over 3 lesions:

  • please discuss with doctor and staff regarding out of pocket cost

Vascular Facial Treatment (Excel V+) (Full Face)

Dermatological conditions:

  • Acne flare up/Acne maintenance/Rosacea/Telangiectasia/Poikiloderma
  • Diffuse Redness/Matting/Spider veins

Medicare rebate may be available

Each sessions:

  • $100 (RRP$250) out of pocket after rebate

Pigmented Condition Facial Treatment (Enlighten III) (Full Face)

Dermatological conditions:

  • Melasma/Lentigo/Age spots/Sun Spots/Hori's Naevus
  • Acne induced hyperpigmentation / Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • Acne induced scarring / Pore size / Fine lines / Uneven Skin Textures
  • Diffuse dark facial discolouration

Medicare rebate may be available

Each sessions:

  • $100 (RRP$250) out of pocket after rebate

Laser Genesis Full Facial Rejuvenation Treatment (Excel V+)

For aesthetic rejuvenation of face (no Medicare rebate)

Part of Vascular Facial Treatment for dermatological condition (Medicare rebate may be available)

Each session:

  • Aesthetic Facial Rejuvenation $200 (RRP $450)
  • Vascular Facial Treatment $100 (RRP$450) out of pocket after rebate

Pico Genesis Full Facial Rejuvenation Treatment (Enlighten III)

For aesthetic rejuvenation of face (no Medicare rebate)

Part of Pigmented condition Treatment for dermatological condition (Medicare rebate may be available)

Each session:

  • Aesthetic Facial Rejuvenation $400 (RRP $750)
  • Facial Pigmented Condition Treatment $200 (RRP$750) out of pocket after rebate

Tattoo Removal (Enlighten III)

Pricing is calculated depending on size

Medicare rebate is generally not available

Each sessions:

  • 2cm x 2cm  $100 (RRP $150)
  • 4cm x 4cm  $150 (RRP $200)
  • 6cm x 6cm  $230 (RRP $300)
  • 9cm x 9cm  $300 (RRP $400)
  • 12cm x 12cm  $400 (RRP $500)
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