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It is essential to call the surgery prior to booking for any procedure
  • At Northbridge Medical Centre, we have a team of skilled doctors with special interest in performing various procedures
  • Iron Infusion is a simple and safe procedure and is commonly used to treat low iron

At Northbridge Medical Centre, we have a team of skilled doctors who are able to perform the following procedures:


  • Skin lesions biopsy
  • Skin cancer excision
  • Cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen treatment) of skin lesions and warts
  • Excision of skin cyst
  • Ingrown toenails surgery and wedge resection
  • Wound and Burn management
  • Iron Infusion
  • Insertion and removal of Mirena
  • Insertion and removal of Implanon
  • Removal of other Intra-uterine devise
  • Suturing of cuts and lacerations

Booking for Procedures

When calling to book for any procedures, please advise the reception staff. The staff will then discuss with you  the type of appointment required and also which doctor is most suitable to perform those procedures. In majority of the cases, the doctor will have to see you for a consultation either on the same day or prior to the procedure day.

Fees for Procedure and Cancellation policy

There is usually an associated fee for the procedures. The staff will discuss with you out of pocket expenses for the procedures.

Please be mindful that if for any reason you have to cancel the procedure appointment, it is essential to inform the practice by phone call at least 24 hours prior.  Failure to inform may incur a non attendance fee of $40.

Iron Infusion

Occasionally, your doctor may suggest for you to have an Iron Infusion. Usually this is due to low levels of iron in the body.

The procedure involves the doctor putting a needle in your arm and then the needle is connected to an iron infusion drip. The procedure usually takes about 20 minutes to complete. During the entire procedure, our nurse will stay with you to monitor the infusion.

Skin lesion Biopsy and Removal

Biopsy or Excision of skin lesions are done under local anaesthetic. After the lesion is removed, it is either sutured or covered by a dressing. The specimen is then sent to a pathology lab for examination. The results are return to your doctor in a few days. The suture is also removed in a few days.

After the procedure, your doctor or nurse will explain to you how to look after the wound. However, if the wound develops an increase in pain, swelling or discharge, please contact the medical practice for advise.

Suturing of laceration and potential fractures

These injuries may sometimes require the patient to be managed at a Emergency Department. Please advise the reception when booking for an appointment and our nurse will communicate with you to decide on best course of action. Sometimes the nurse may advise you to present straight to the Emergency Department.

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